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Sydney Marcus Park Gets a New Playground

Community Projects

John Schaffner September 2003

MAY 15, 2003
Sidney Marcus Park gets new playground

  The Morningside/Lenox Park neighborhood will get a new playground at Sidney Marcus Park this week after months of planning and fundraising. The new playground will be installed May 15 – 17.

Atlanta-based SawHorse Inc. is donating the labor of approximately 10 workers to do the heavy construction work of this playground in Sidney Marcus Park on Cumberland Road at the corner of Cumberland Circle. Volunteers from the Morningside/Lenox Park Association are expected to help with work on the playground to ensure it is completed by Saturday.

  The neighborhood, through a neighborhood group known as Sidney Marcus Awesome Restoration Team (SMART), has raised funds to purchase the equipment, the City of Atlanta is donating labor and materials for general improvements, and SawHorse is providing the labor to assemble it. The fundraising and work for what will be known as SawHorse Playground at Sidney Marcus Park was done under the umbrella of Park Pride.

  Leaders of SMART also just learned that the Arthur Blank Foundation has awarded the park effort $25,000 that will be used for installing a rubberized poured-in-place, handicapped-accessible underpinning for the playground and possibly a ramp connecting two sections of the park. This surface will greatly increase handicapped accessibility and the overall usefulness for people with disabilities and older individuals.

  The original park was built 25 years ago on a potential roadbed, intended at that time for a spur of I-85. The park over the years became both dilapidated and potentially dangerous. When the city determined that it should be demolished, the neighborhood, with the help of the Morningside/Lenox Park Association, organized an effort to raise money, develop a site plan and purchase new equipment, with the city’s cooperation. All this was accomplished in a six- to seven-month period.

  Dawn Davis is serving as the chair of SMART. Margo Dixon, who was vital to originally thwarting the progression of the highway through the neighborhood, and Adrienne Maxim are design committee co-chairs. Christa Martin heads up a beautification committee, Rick Flinn (who had also been instrumental in the efforts to halt the highway) the drainage improvement committee, and Barry Berlin worked with volunteers involved in fundraising.

  SawHorse Inc., established in 1980, is a design/build firm that specializes in residential remodeling, renovations and additions. Principals in the company include Carl Seville, a resident of the Morningside area, and Jerome Quinn, who lives in the Candler Park/Little Five Points area.

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