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General Articles
No so big renovation , February 2009 Sarah Susanka  View Article Text

About Remodeling
Fit for a Crowd, June 2005 H. M. Cauley  View Link

Home Renovations Pay Off at Sales Time, June 2005 Rebecca McCarthy  View Article Text

The Trend of Remodeling- Makiing Room, July 2001 Geoff Kohl  View Image

Keeping it Real - Renovating Old Homes, September 2002 Jessica Handler  View Image View Article Text

Design-build construction enters residential market, October 2003 Tom Barry, Contributing Writer  View Article Text

High Housing Prices Add Up to Renovation Boom, May 2000 Richard Lufrano, Contributing Writer   View Article Text

Remodeling: Nightmare on Your Street, October 2003 Tinah Saunders  View Link View Article Text

Remodeling a Great Option to Add Value to a House, May 1996 Judy Putnam  View Image

About SawHorse
Building Blocks, November 2001 Shannon Wilder  View Link

Customer Surveys:Vital Feedback, July 2005 Deborah O'Mara  View Link

Entrepreneurial Rope- Letting Go of the Day-toDay to Manage Growth for Tomorrow, June 1999   View Link View Article Text

Leading Edge - SawHorse has grown by staying ahead of the trends , May 2003 Jonathan Sweet   View Link

Deciding Not to Decide, April 2000 Craig A. Shuer  View Image

Spotlight on Business - Northside Edition, Jan. 19, 2006   View Article Text

The Green Way - SawHorse Wins Recognition for Environmentally Friendly Homes, March 2004 Wayne Smith  View Link

Bath of the Year, July 2002   View Image

Green Advocate of the Year: Remodeling, March 2005   View Link View Article Text

Bath of the Year, May 1997   View Image

Interior Residential: Cartledge Residence, May 2003   View Link

Community Projects
SawHorse Constructs Playground at Neighborhood Park, September 2003   View Link View Article Text

Sydney Marcus Park Gets a New Playground, September 2003 John Schaffner  View Article Text

Green Remodeling
Extremely Sustainable Home Makeovers, July 2005   View Image

An EarthCraft Renovation, April 2005 Parker Snyder  View Image

Homes Across America Website - Cartledge Residence,   View Link

Earthcraft Demonstration Home On Tour, March 2005   View Link

EarthCraft Remodeling Showcase Tour Home, June 2005   View Image

EarthCraft Renovation Case Study, December 2004   View Link

Green homes not just for GRANOLA set anymore, May 2004 Tom Barry, Contributing Writer  View Article Text

Building for Life, October 2002   View Link View Article Text

Thinking green, January 2004 Chaya Chang  View Link

Lead Dust Precautions, August 2010 Matt Hoots 

Remodeling Goes Green, July 2002 Geoff Kohl  View Link View Image

Project Features
No so big renovation , February 2009 Sarah Susanka  View Article Text

Subtle Changes, November 2002   View Image

Points of Entry, January 2005 Lisa Mowry  View Image

Unlimited Addiion, November 1986 Ruth Reiter  View Image

Stylish Modesty, January 1986 Grace Anderson  View Image

High Tech Photo Studio Renovation, September 1994   View Image

Historic Renovation for the New Ages, June 2005 Chaya Chang and Patrick O'Toole  View Image

Fixes, big and small, add appeal that catches eyes of potential buyers, June 1994 Judy Hotchkiss  View Image View Article Text

Suite Master Bedroom, January 2003   View Image

The Lievenses- Planning gets the job done without hassles, March 2000 Danny C. Flanders  View Image View Article Text

Creativity launches couple's lofty dreams, December 1993 Judy Hotchkiss  View Image View Article Text

TWO-CAREER HOME: This busy Atlanta TV couple values comfort, elegance, March 1990 Tinah Saunders  View Image View Article Text

Zero Punch
Eliminate the Punchlist, December 2001   View Link View Article Text

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