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"The Sign of Renovation in Your Neighborhood

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Sawhorse Inc.
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Atlanta, GA 30324
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Sawhorse Policy

We believe
 that a successful renovation project is the result of a partnership between the contractor and the client. This partnership is based on mutual trust and respect. It begins by analyzing each client's needs and by designing and building a product that uniquely fulfills those needs. It is maintained through constant communication with the client. It is strengthened by attention to detail and aesthetics throughout the project. We recognize that satisfied clients are the key to the company's success. 

Our pricing scale provides clients with the best value for their investment. SawHorse, Inc. is committed to completing each projectwithin the established budget and project schedule. 

We value our employees and encourage innovation and initiative. We seek to retain talented, responsible, and mature individuals dedicated to customer service and delivery of quality services on time and within budget. 

Our Mission

SawHorse, Inc. is a professionally managed, residential renovation contractor whose target market is middle-to-upper income homeowners in Atlanta. In terms of quality of craftsmanship, size, effective management, and longevity, this company has proven itself to be an industry leader. From this position, SawHorse, Inc. strives to be the premier renovation contractor in Atlanta. 

SawHorse, Inc. is built on a solid foundation of expert craftsmanship and design. Our reputation for quality work is widely recognized in Atlanta, the region and the nation.  

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