Design Build Remodeling

SawHorse Design Build Remodeling:

“One Stop Shopping” For Homeowners 

We understand that your time is valuable, so we have created a unique Design Build Remodeling program for your remodeling project.  Working with our professional staff, we help you create the house of your dreams with a minimum amount of effort.  We start by meeting you at your house to get the project started.  In follow up meetings, we present and review your design, make any necessary adjustments, then, guided by our designers, you select the products for your house right in our office showroom.  We handle the delivery and installation for the products you have picked as part of our construction services.  When you work with SawHorse, Inc. you don’t need to run all over town looking for the parts for your house. 

How Design Build Works:

Complimentary Consultation – Following a brief telephone interview, a SawHorse Project Coordinator will schedule a meeting with you to visit your house, discuss your needs and desires and review potential design options for the project.  When you are satisfied that we can best provide you with what you are looking for in a Design/Build contractor, we schedule our initial design meeting. 

Initial Design Build Meeting – This meeting is the beginning of the design process.  We prepare a “Letter of Intent” to provide you with design and construction services and take a modest deposit to begin the design work.  Following an extensive interview with you at your house, our Architects and Designers will measure and photograph the affected areas and begin the design process.  Our commitment to you is to provide you with a professional, creative design that meets your needs. Our expectation is to continue working with you through to the end of a successful construction project.  Your commitment to SawHorse is limited to the cost of the planning  work we complete for you through the design build remodeling process.


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