#1920sMakeoverATL + Georgia Blinds & Interiors

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Automated Blinds for privacy

Most houses need blinds because the architect or builder put most of the windows in a place where the sun shines directly into them. Many houses never open the blinds for this very reason. Since we are building a Passive House we are designing the house to work with the sun so the blinds are not needed to stop its glare.

Blinds are still needed for privacy. Given that this is an in-town lot near downtown Atlanta, privacy from neighbors and others is still important. We have partnered with Georgia Blinds & Interiors to create a custom shading solution for the #1920sMakeoverATL project.

In the NEWS and on the WEB

Here is a full list of articles and content created for Georgia Blinds:

Special thanks to Georgia Blinds for partnering with us on this project. To see ALL of the partners and to experience the virtual tour CLICK HERE.






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