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We have been using Aprilaire for decades to combat humidity and dirty air. Their whole house approach helps our clients breathe easier all year round. There are 3 main parts to whole-house health and comfort: Air Filtration, Ventilation, and Humidity Control.

Whole House Air Filtration

The best way to clean the air in your home is through filtration and ventilation. If the air is polluted, then ventilation works best. If you are simply trying to filter out some of the normal particulates such as PM2.5 then filtration works well. Filtration is tricky and not all filters clean the air well. Our standard filter is a MERV13 filter for all of our clients. Aprilaire has a MERV 13 with charcoal for filtering bad chemicals and also a MERV16 which can even filter most viruses.

What we like about their system is that you can use the same filter box with various types of filters. If your contractor puts in a MERV11 you can always upgrade to a better one in the future.

Humidity Control

If you are reading this in Georgia you might be thinking about too much humidity. If you are reading this in New England, you might be think that there is not enough humidity. Fortunately, Aprilaire has a solution for your ideal humidity level regardless of where you live. Their whole-house humidity control can take away humidity during the warm wet months and add humidity during the dry cold months.

Balanced Ventilation

Ventilation is very tricky to design properly and most contractors don’t even attempt to ventilate homes correctly. They just assume that the house is leaky enough to bring in “fresh air.” The issue is that a leaky house can bring in air from polluted sources such as crawlspaces or attics. We like to “build tight and ventilate right.” Aprilaire has a ventilating dehumidifier, fresh air supply fan, and an energy recovery ventilator in their product offering.

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