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Solid surface materials that are durable look great!

Solid surfaces are another name for countertops, however, they don’t always have to be used as countertops. Our partner, Consentino wanted to show off their products in several unique locations on the house. We will be using it in the master bathroom to create a Dekton groutless shower, along with Dekton that will be cut into tiles for the floor and some walls. We know groutless showers are popular since one of our videos gets thousands of views a month on the very subject.

The panels can be used in a shower and also as exterior cladding as well so you know they are durable. Check out this video where they demonstrate it in a rain screen application.

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Here is a full list of articles and content created for Cosentino:

Special thanks to Cosentino for partnering with us on this project. To see ALL of the partners and to experience the virtual tour CLICK HERE.






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