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Water Efficiency saves on water and energy

Since this house is in the city of Atlanta, we have to worry about high water costs along with increasing energy costs. Our water rates are some of the highest in the country.

So how to does water efficiency tie to energy efficiency in the home?

Hot water is only hot because you paid for it to be hot with your electricity or gas. In our case we are using a hybrid heat pump water, however, efficiency still matters. Water-saving faucets and shower heads mean that the water heater does not have to work as hard. You get a double benefit since you save on water costs and energy costs.

For this project, we are partnering with HELVEX for toilets, bathroom sinks, faucets, and shower assemblies.

In this video, HELVEX talks about some of their commercial no-water urinals that some of our residential clients have also taken an interest in over the years.

HELVEX design grade plumbing fixtures

One of the reasons we chose to partner with HELVEX is that they have great-looking products. The durability and water efficiency are a plus but if they don’t look good, then our clients will not want them. HELVEX created a series of videos showcasing some of their latest design trends below.

In the NEWS and on the WEB

Here is a full list of articles and content created for Helvex:

Special thanks to Helvex for partnering with us on this project. To see ALL of the partners and to experience the virtual tour CLICK HERE.






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