#1920sMakeoverATL partner LG Squared

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Why SawHorse chose LG Squared for this project

Jodi and Chris Laumer-Giddens are the top residential green architects in Atlanta. We needed a design team that was able to create an amazing house and one that performed well at the same time. Given their experience with Passive House designs and building performance they were the best fit for this project.

Content from LG Squared

Chris Laumer-Giddens also shares his thoughts and perspectives about green building on his YouTube channel. Here are some videos that he has created about this project and for our project partners.

In the NEWS and on the WEB

Here is a full list of articles and content created for LG Squared:

Special thanks to LG Squared for partnering with us on this project. To see ALL of the partners and to experience the virtual tour CLICK HERE.






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