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Passive House design requires ALL ELECTRIC appliances

One of the main requirements of the Passive House standard is to eliminate open combustion appliances. Lucky for us, Mitsubishi makes a very efficient high performing HVAC system that is ALL ELECTRIC.

Existing mechanical equipment gets a major upgrade

Before we removed the existing equipment, we documented just how bad it was. The HVAC system was host to several rodent families in addition to having a compromised exhaust system. Either issue is serious, however, both combined can cause serious health risks. Thank goodness we had planned to replace both.

Project Design Team Tours Mitsubishi Headquarters

Mitsubishi hosted the project design team at their headquarters in Georgia. We got to see how they test the equipment in extreme conditions as well as how their call centers assist consumers and contractors with questions.

In the NEWS and on the WEB

Here is a full list of articles and content created for Mitsubishi Electric:

Special thanks to Mitsubishi Electric for partnering with us on this project. To see ALL of the partners and to experience the virtual tour CLICK HERE.






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