2020+1 or 2021? New Year + New Options for SawHorse Clients

In spite of the pandemic, we made it through 2020. This video best explains some of the exciting things that we were working on in 2020 to make you customer experience better in 2021:

I do have fond memories of spending time with friends at the clock ticked midnight ushering in the year 2000. A new day, a new, a new decade and a new millennium all occurred at the same time. There were also other fun celebrations over the last 20 years as well with my family. However, I have to say seeing 2021 for the first time at a social distanced TV celebration looked better than I expected. 2020 as a number could have been great if it were not for the pandemic. Lots of our vendors and product manufactures put a lot of effort into developing products that revolved around 2020. One even had 20 new colors that were introduced in 2020.

2021 is a New Year and it is a positive year for many reasons. We have a new vaccine which brings hope to all of us. We’ve seen the economy recover from the crashes in 2020. With regards to construction, the pace of new homes, home sales and renovations has not slowed down. Unlike 2008, this housing boom is NOT a bubble. The current boom is barely able to keep up with the demand for new housing. Housing sales outpace homes built which is good for the seller. Even with cost increased as a result of disrupted supply chains, housing did not slow down.

So what does this mean for you?

We’ve also been busy coming up with new ways to improve our process and find better ways of constructing homes that will benefit you. We’ve also entered into some solid strategic partnerships that will help us with your projects.

2020 in review

  • We rebooted our YouTube channel to create content to explain building science and design options for your home. We created a playlist dedicated to fresh air and ventilation. Thanks to you- we’ve received close to 100K since we started “YouTubing” again.
  • We created some DIY content for Hometalk to help people have some fun projects to work on during quarantine.
  • We formed a partnership with a green building directory called Rate It Green. Our article on Energy Recovery Ventilators got thousands of views and we have been creating content for their YouTube Channel.
  • This increased access to manufacturers that want for us to help promote their products means that we get better customer service from them for your projects.
  • In addition to the Youtube channel, and New Strategic Partnerships we launched our website on a more blog-friendly platform so we can share our thoughts and ideas with you all more frequently.

Plans for 2021

  • Continue to interview manufacturers so you all can learn about the latest building products for your home or business.
  • We are known for renovations. However, we will be promoting new homes built to EarthCraft House and LEED for Homes standards. We’ve seen an uptick in new home requests and want to make sure they are healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient.
  • We will continue to explore advanced home construction techniques to make your home better.
  • More announcements coming soon!

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