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Homeowner REroof Preparation Checklist

Setting Expectations Before the Roof is Replaced Setting expectations during a renovation is the toughest part of a remodeler’s job. Working in and around an occupied space is a challenge for both the contractor and the homeowner. We require that our clients move out of the house; however, this is not necessary for small repairs […] Read More »

Virtual Reality Showcase House in Atlanta

The challenge with showcase houses is that you only get to see the final product (not the process), and once they are over, they are over forever. This is the main reason we stopped doing them a decade ago. The design and construction process are just as important to share as the final product. New […] Read More »

“[Silly] Dad- LEGOs are NOT Toys”

My youngest son helped me around the house this weekend to earn some money. Of course, the money burned a hole in his pocket (he is 9), so he spent it at Target immediately. He was choosing between legos and some other toys. My rule is that I’ll pay half for certain items such as […] Read More »

Top 5 Mistakes that Designers and Contractors make in Kitchen Designs

A kitchen is more than just “cabinets and countertops.” If you are redesigning the whole space, design, durability, and building science are major considerations that need to be applied to the plan. Here are some observations on how our industry can do better and suggestions we make for our clients. The good news is that […] Read More »

International Builders Show & KBIS 2021 Day 1 Review

I attended the International Builders Show last year in Las Vegas. They hosted over 1700 exhibitors to include ones from the Kitchen and Bath Show (KBIS). This year due to COVID-19, the show is online with just over 300 exhibitors. I remember hearing whispers about COVID-19 when I was at the show in Vegas last […] Read More »

Electic Cooking: Induction Cooktop vs Electric Cooktop

I created a video demonstrating how an induction cooktop works and shared it on LinkedIn, and the feedback was great. However, most of the comments had indicated that they had never heard of induction cooktops before. When I mention induction cooktops, most of my clients assume that I am talking about electric cooktops. While both […] Read More »

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