Green Building

“[Silly] Dad- LEGOs are NOT Toys”

My youngest son helped me around the house this weekend to earn some money. Of course, the money burned a hole in his pocket (he is 9), so he spent it at Target immediately. He was choosing between legos and some other toys. My rule is that I’ll pay half for certain items such as […] Read More »

International Builders Show & KBIS 2021 Day 1 Review

I attended the International Builders Show last year in Las Vegas. They hosted over 1700 exhibitors to include ones from the Kitchen and Bath Show (KBIS). This year due to COVID-19, the show is online with just over 300 exhibitors. I remember hearing whispers about COVID-19 when I was at the show in Vegas last […] Read More »

Electic Cooking: Induction Cooktop vs Electric Cooktop

I created a video demonstrating how an induction cooktop works and shared it on LinkedIn, and the feedback was great. However, most of the comments had indicated that they had never heard of induction cooktops before. When I mention induction cooktops, most of my clients assume that I am talking about electric cooktops. While both […] Read More »

Aluminum clad windows versus all fiberglass windows

Last year we recently posted a blog explaining the difference between different types of Marvin windows and doors. However, we did leave some questions unanswered. After watching a video that we posted on another site, one of our subscribers still had a few questions. Most of their questions were about the main differences between aluminum […] Read More »

High performance (green) homes sell for more than their neighbors

Most argue that green homes cost more without looking at the performance and value benefits. Studies have shown that green homes not only use less energy and water, they also sell for more. This home has high-performance systems and renewable energy, which helps the operating costs stay very low throughout the year. If you are […] Read More »