EarthCraft House- Renovations in Decatur

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If you live in Decatur, GA, and have had to pull a permit in the last few years, you probably realize that things have changed. The City of Decatur has made it mandatory for all new homes and renovations to be built to the EarthCraft House standard. This sounds like it is “not fair” and just more regulation to make people feel good about the environment; however, I see it differently.

Green Building Sells for More

In the next section, I’ll get into all the benefits of the EarthCraft program. First, I want to talk about economics. Studies show that green-certified buildings sell for more money.

Decatur Homes Hold Their Value

It seems ironic that a builder would welcome more inspections; however, I do in Decatur. Since the city is not the size of Atlanta, it is much easier to patrol. The city officials do a great job enforcing permits on ALL houses. This means that someone working without a permit is caught pretty quickly and will get a stop-work order.

How does this help your property value?

Because all construction is permitted and held to the same standard, your house is valued higher as a result. The fact that ALL are required to be built better than code means that the comparables you need for the appraisal will also be higher.

Need help getting the full value for your green appraisal?

Check out this video!

SawHorse can help you with your EarthCraft renovation or Custom Home

Over 20 years ago, we partnered with Southface to help adapt the EarthCraft new home program to work on existing homes as well.  Older houses have more issues and needed a green building standard to help bring them closer to the quality of newer homes.  Whether you are looking to build new or renovate, we can help you.  Even though we offer design services, we are able to collaborate with your design team as a green builder.  This way you get the best home possible with the most up-to-date design and building techniques.

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