Homeowner REroof Preparation Checklist

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Setting Expectations Before the Roof is Replaced

Setting expectations during a renovation is the toughest part of a remodeler’s job. Working in and around an occupied space is a challenge for both the contractor and the homeowner. We require that our clients move out of the house; however, this is not necessary for small repairs such as roof replacements. Georgia Roof Advisors created this checklist to share with our clients so they know what to expect before and after the roof replacement.

Pre-replacement Homeowner Checklist (1-2 Days Before they arrive)

For those looking to replace a roof, there is no doubt you have already researched, interviewed, and received bids from several contractors. Once you decide who to use, there are a few other things you need to prepare for before the crew arrives; this is the information we provide our homeowners; we hope it helps you.

  • Remove all breakable items from walls, ceilings, and cabinets. Why? Because vibrations can occur during the removal, loading of materials, & installation of your new roof.
  • Cut your lawn cut short before the installation day. Why? Because it is easier to find the nails, on average, 15,000 nails will be removed from you roof!
  • Clear your driveway and garage the afternoon before installation Why? The dump truck & materials will be parked in the driveway, making it difficult to access. We don’t want you getting trapped in!
  • Remove any outdoor hanging items (plants, wind chimes, etc.) Why? We don’t want them to get damaged during install. Most roofing companies will protect specific landscaping, just point these areas out & they should be able to take extra care not to disturb them.

Pre-replacement Homeowner Checklist (Arrival Day)

  • Let neighbors know you are having your roof replaced Why? there will be excess noise & extra traffic around your home. You may also want to consider going out, taking your pets with you.
  • Take extra care when entering, leaving & walking around during a roof installation. Why? The area is considered a building site, as there are hazards such as falling roofing material, nails & pieces of metal.
  • Cover any objects you’d like protected If the garage (or attic) is not sheet-rocked Why? A roof replacement includes tearing-off your old material, and this can produce construction dust and debris.
  • Turn your air conditioning units off Why? so we can protect them with a plywood shelter. A nail landing in a unit that is on will damage the unit!
  • If you have a pool cover, please put it on! Why? To stop us having to go for a swim to collect nails… especially in the winter! It has been done before; we like to learn from our mistakes. Brrrrrrrr!

The process of having a new roof is disruptive and noisy, but the above steps will help it run as smoothly as possible. I bet you can’t wait to see the results of your beautiful new home!

Get a Quote for Your Roof Replacement

Some construction tasks such as roof replacements don’t need a permit so you don’t need a general contractor. If you are adding a second story addition, then SawHorse needs to draw up plans and pull a permit first. If you just need a new roof, then contact Georgia Roof Advisors to set up a consult to see all of the options.






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