Marvin Window and Door Options for Your Home

Picking out windows and doors for your home is a big decision. If you make the wrong choice, then you will be replacing them sooner than later. There are many manufactures on the market and in this post we will explore the options for Marvin Windows and Doors.

New Names for Old Windows Lines

Marvin has recently decided to change up the names for their windows to there is less confusion. The original line of windows and doors was just called “Marvin Windows and Doors.” These included their solid wood doors and windows and the wood core windows and doors with aluminum cladding.

They also has a line of called Integrity Windows and Doors that had a fiberglass core with wood cladding on the interior. They also had a line that was solid fiberglass with no wood classing called Integrity All-Ultrex.

In 2019, they rebranded bringing all of the lines under the name Marvin. They have renamed the types of windows and doors and added a few new lines as well.

Marvin Signature Collections

Marvin has 2 different lines within the Signature Collections. The “Ultimate” Collection is the more traditional and in line with the old Marvin Windows and Doors brand. They have also added a “Modern” collection to the Marvin Signature collections as well.

“Ultimate” Collection

The Marvin Signature Ultimate collection is an wood core for the windows and doors within the collection. One options is for an all wood window or doors with no cladding- just the wood. The option that we recommend is the wood core with aluminum cladding to protect the sash and the frame from the elements. The aluminum cladding is extruded with a durable finish coated with Kynar.

“Modern” Collection

The Marvin Signature Modern Collection is the same as the Ultimate collection, except that it is designed to look more modern. The intent was to create a sash and frame that looks like a store front window. This line performs better than store front windows since they are more durable, energy efficient and DON’T LEAK! They have also increase the maximum dimensions of the Modern collection to give architects and designers more flexibility with their designs.

Marvin Essential Series

The Marvin Essential Series is an all fiberglass window and door. It was previously called Marvin All-Ultrex. Fiberglass is much stronger and more durable than other non wood options such as PVP and Aluminum. Fiberglass and expands and contracts at the same rate as the glass in the window which helps the lifespan of the glass and prevents glass failure.

Marvin Elevate Series

The Marvin Elevate Series is fiberglass like the essential series, however there is an option to add wood cladding on the interior. This gives you the look of a traditional Marvin product with the durability of the fiberglass core. The fiberglass windows also rate slightly better energy wise than the wood with aluminum cladding.

Which window and door is best for your project?

That is a good question and it really depends on the design. For the projects that we work on our “go- to” window is elevate since it is price competitive and worry free when is comes to maintenance. We also learned from feedback from our clients that they want the option to change of the color in the future. The fiberglass is easier to prep and paint than the Kynar finish on the Signature collection.

Even though you can paint the fiberglass, you don’t need to. The Marvin Elevate, Essential and Signature all come prefinished so no paint is needed on the exterior of the window. The essential is all fiberglass and the color is consistent on the interior and the exterior of the window.

If you need help with the design or construction of your home, contact us today so we can share even more options with you.

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