Our Process

Step 1 | Design

Many decades ago we were the first contractor in Atlanta to offer full-service Design + Build as our standard practice. The benefit to you is that WE can manage all of the following for you with our in-house talent and strategic professional partners: Architecture, Interior Design, Interior Decor, Engineering, Material Specifications, Surveys, Site Plans and Landscape Design. We design in 2 phases for the majority of our projects:

Schematic Phase:

During this phase, we explore options for the design of our project and offer a general estimate so we can evaluate the budget and financing before creating the final set of drawings. We are able to value engineer without spending money on engineering and final details.

Permit and Construction Documents:

Once you have approved the schematic design and schematic estimate, we begin the permit package and you will work with our interiors team to finalize all of the material selections based on the allowances from the schematic phase. Once the design is 100% completed, we will present a fixed price contract which means you can relax and enjoy the construction process without fear of price fluctuations.


Step 2 | Build

After completing our comprehensive design phase and acquiring the building permit, our project management team will guide you through the construction process. We use an online management tool that allows for you to see the live schedule, all of the selections and daily notes from our management team regarding the progress. Our goal is to make sure you are 100% comfortable with the design and specifications to eliminate the need for a change order which may delay the construction schedule. price fluctuations.


Step 3 | Live

Our philosophy on design is to create a space for YOU to live in, not the next owner. We are “Design to LIVE”, NOT “Design to SELL” since we believe that any good design is universal. If you ever wish to sell the space, you are able to use the SawHorse brand to help promote the listing and you will find a buyer that will enjoy the house just as much as you. Our timeless design and quality construction allow you to enjoy your home for decades.

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