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Indoor Air Quality, aka “IAQ,” has received lots of attention recently. The world has just started exploring the quality of air and how to make it better. Green building programs have been aware of this for decades and have some good building science principles already in place. We don’t have to “reinvent the wheel.”

Thought Leadership and Green Building

We’ve been renovating and building for over 40 years in the Atlanta market. SawHorse was the first firm to offer design + build for remodeling in Atlanta. We were the first contractor to partner with Southface to renovate homes using the EarthCraft checklist. Our promise to our clients is that we will maintain a culture that is forward-thinking and constantly improving.

A major part of green building is making sure the built environment occupants are safe and healthy.

Commitment to improving your home’s Air Quality

One major cause of health issues in houses is bad indoor air quality. The EPA says that the pollution INSIDE the house can be 2-5 times worse than outside air. For that reason, we launched a campaign called FRESH AIR FRIDAYS. We will share a new video each Friday dealing with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Here is a link to our IAQ video playlist created to help you keep your family safe and healthy.

If there is a topic that you would like for us to cover, please leave a comment below OR leave a comment on our YouTube channel.

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