SawHorse joins top influencers in Atlanta to promote Green Building

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“It is Not Easy Being Green”

Kermit the Frog famously said “It is not easy being green” and that is still true today.  When you are working on cutting-edge ideas it is imperative you are aligned with other thought leaders to bounce ideas off.  That is why we formed a group called #GreenInfluencerATL.  All of the content that is created will be shared in a Group on the green building website called Rate It Green.  There are so many great ideas that come out of private conversations that need to be shared so others can benefit from them.

We have been building to a higher standard for over 4 decades with a focus on green design for over half of that time.  SawHorse helped develop the green building program EarthCraft House to work on existing homes as well.  There are other firms like ours in Atlanta so that is why we all agreed to get together to share our knowledge with each other.

Who are the Atlanta Green Influencers?

This is the description we created for the group on Rate It Green:

Group Description: Many talented “content creators” and “thought leaders” in Atlanta have made an amazing impact on the built environment. Currently, we have builders, designers, architects, raters, engineers, real estate agents, and a mayor, just to name a few; as long as you are passionate about making Atlanta a better place to live through sustainability, you are welcome.

Our creators have been busy!

We just launched are have already had half a dozen meetings, site visits, or events.   Our first event was a cooking demonstration with Sub Zero/ Wolf and they created a 5-star meal on all-electric appliances.  The chef even stated that he prefers to cook on induction over gas!  This first even hosted builders, real estate agents, and architects.  Check out this race between different cooktops to see which can boil water the fastest!

Our next official event was hosted by Mitsubishi at their training facility in Atlanta.  Home Performance guru and TV show host created this video sharing his perspective of what he learned on the tour:

Here are all of the posts made to date on Rate It Green Group:

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