SawHorse provides the Top Kitchen and Bath Features for Atlanta homes

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Listening is the key to ensuring our clients get the top design features for their homes.  Many features are standard practice for our firm, and we let our clients know what they are before getting started, so they don’t have to worry about an incomplete design.

Top Kitchen Features in today’s homes

The NAHB conducts frequent studies to see what homebuyers are looking for so builders can ensure they meet this demand.  Here are some of the results of a recent study of what current homebuyers consider “must-haves” before buying a home:

  • Double Sinks (80+%)
  • Pantries (80+%)
  • Table space for eating (78%)
  • A central island (77%)
  • Drinking water filtration (76%)
  • Granite or other natural stone countertop (73%)
  • Recessed lighting (69%)
  • Customized backsplash (69%)
  • Pull-out shelves (68%)

Pretty much all of these items are standard features in our designs already since they are universally requested.  While these are all good features, incorporating them correctly into the design so the kitchen works well for the users is critical.

Top Bathroom Features in today’s homes

Natural and Composite Stone are both popular in modern bathroom designs since they bring timeless elements to the space.

Kitchens are probably the most expensive part of the home with the master bathroom coming in at a close second.  We have seen some bathrooms exceed the cost of the kitchen depending on the size and the design.  The same study included the top 4 “must-have” features for bathrooms.  This mirrors what we are hearing from our clients as to what they want in their master bathrooms:

  • A linen closet in the primary bath, rated as essential or desirable by 76% of home buyers
  • A shower stall and a tub (74%)
  • A double vanity (69%)
  • A private toilet compartment (67%)

In addition to these basic features, we also incorporate some more advanced design features on many of our bathrooms:

  • Groutless showers
  • Humidity control through moisture sensors and exhaust fans
  • Recessed lighting in the shower and the vanities

The Future of Kitchens and Bathrooms in Custom Homes

All of the preferred features for kitchens and bathrooms need to be considered when renovating or designing a new home.  What about the items that people don’t know about so they are not able to add them to the survey.  Whether designing a new custom home, a kitchen renovation or a bathroom remodel, it is necessary to understand how that space is affected or can affect the rest of the house.

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