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Phase 2 will begin in Winter 2022.

Phase 3 will begin in Spring 2023.

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About This Showcase House


For over 40 years, SawHorse has been known as “The Sign of Renovation in Your Neighborhood.” We introduced game-changing concepts in Atlanta, such as “Design + Build” and “Earthcraft House Renovation.” Now we demonstrate how ALL-Electric homes can be better for indoor air quality, human comfort and health, and low energy costs.


We collaborated with our strategic design partners, LG Squared, known for “high performance” home designs. We invited our top manufacturing partners and local certifiers to create this showcase house with the hashtag #1920sMakeverATL. Rate It Green, the top green building rating directory, hosts the virtual tour, creates content for its members, and promotes our scheduled events. We will build this house to Earthcraft House and Passive House standards. Our partners will work with us to demonstrate how to make this home more energy-efficient, have clean indoor air, and go all-electric, making this house solar-ready.



Energy Efficiency

This house will have more insulation than any other house in the zip code.  This will ensure minimal loss since the whole house will be wrapped on all sides with ROCKWOOL insulation.

Luxury Design

High-Performance construction pairs well with luxury design.  We are partnering with the top brands such as Cosentino, Helvex, Georgia Blinds, and Interiors,


Energy efficiency does not mean comfort is compromised.  This house will have controls that maintain proper temperature and humidity for maximum comfort year-round.  Ductless mini-splits by Mitsubishi plus whole-house dehumidifiers by Aprilaire will keep the latent and sensible loads at their designed set points.

Indoor Air Quality

Recent world events have brought terms like “filtration” and “ventilation” to our vocabulary.  We will make sure the air in the house is properly filtered with Aprilaire filters as it circulates through the house and as it enters our “fresh air” intake.  Energy recovery ventilation by Panasonic will remove the bad air while bringing in fresh air so the new owners can breathe easily year-round.

Durable Design and Construction

This house was originally built 100 years ago and is in disrepair.  The materials and techniques that we are using will allow this house to last 200+ years.  The key is moisture management around the foundation, in the walls, and on the roof.  Moisture destroys buildings, and a well-designed system will allow a wood structure to last centuries.

Showcase House as an Evergreen Learning House

To show how this house works, we partnered with Mythos Media to create a 360-degree self-guided virtual tour of the house. This means that you can follow along step by step with us through 3 major phases of construction.

The current tour shows what the existing house looks like. We have created lots of content regarding what we have found behind the walls and some of the design solutions we have to fix the current problems in the house. As we progress with construction, we will create 2 more phases for the tour, including pre-drywall and the final reveal. You will be able to click on a button to phase through time to see how we fixed the existing issues on the house to ultimately create a high-performance masterpiece.

Most of the materials and designs are cutting edge, so that this tour will be live for 10+ years. We will embed new content and updates once we get more feedback from the owners as they live in and enjoy the house.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see all of the content already created for this house to teach others about resilient design and construction.

Check Out the Progress of the House

#1920sMakeoverATL Project Partners

Thanks to the following project partners for helping us create this high-performance house to both Passive House and EarthCraft House standards.

Media Partners

We want to thank all of the media partners for helping create and promote the #1920sMakeoverATL

There is still room to join the team!


  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Interior and Exterior Paint
  • Bathtubs
  • Gypsum
  • Door Hardware
  • Cabinet Hardware


Mechanical Systems:

  • Water distribution
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Decorative Lighting


    • Roofing
    • Siding
    • Decking
    • Railing
    • Paint
    • Stone Masonry
    • Brick Masonry
    • Landscaping

    In the PRESS

    As the first Passive House renovation in Georgia, this house is already getting a ton of buzz!

    1920’s House Promotes Green Building

    Design and Certifications

    Environmental Testing





    Insulation and Air-Sealing:


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