“[Silly] Dad- LEGOs are NOT Toys”

My youngest son helped me around the house this weekend to earn some money. Of course, the money burned a hole in his pocket (he is 9), so he spent it at Target immediately. He was choosing between legos and some other toys. My rule is that I’ll pay half for certain items such as LEGOs and learning items. This was to encourage better choices instead of buying toys lasting only a year or two. After much deliberation, he chose a couple of small LEGO kits.

On the way home from Target, I asked him if he thought the work he did to buy the toys was worth it. My son corrected me:

“LEGOs are NOT Toys”

He said, “Yes, It Was Worth It!”

How could I argue with that? Or why would I? LEGOs are part of our culture, and they are a great way to introduce our sons and daughters to building and the concept of “making” at an early age. Feb 27 was “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day” as part of the National Engineer’s Week programming. LEGOs are a great gateway activity to a fun career for boys and girls. Plus, I have never seen an age limit on the packages. It is always a [insert starting age] + which means ALL ages can enjoy them after you are old enough to know not to eat them.

Back in the Day…

When I was his age, my parents gave me carpentry tools, LEGOs, and other building “toys.” I have to say that those items, Boy Scouts and the science fairs helped establish a good foundation for attending GA Tech.

Most of the things that I am interested in now, I was exposed to at an early age. Some studies show that girls and boys may lose interest in engineering and the sciences if they don’t develop a passion for them early in life.

We Need Your Vote

I never knew that LEGO kits could be voted on to be considered for mass production. Here is an idea for a SOLAR FARM complete with solar collectors, grass, flowers and bees.

What a great way to introduce our children to LEGOS and sustainable practices at the same time. LEGO already has a wind turbine kit, a modern home with rooftop solar, and a space station with solar panels. Even with those creative options, we can do better for our children.

Place your vote here today to help bring this from concept to creation!

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