Humidity, Hardwoods and Homes – The Building Science Approach to Protecting your Investment

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Do you know the ideal humidity for your hardwood floors and how to manage humidity to protect your investment? Our experts do, and they’re sharing what they know. Proper humidity is critical for building product condition and durability, just as it’s important for human comfort and health.

Rate It Green sponsor Aprilaire hosted the National Wood Flooring Association and SawHorse Design + Build to talk about the building science of water vapor, how it impacts your wood flooring as well as your home, what we can and should do (and not do) about this intrusion, and also what the ideal conditions are for our wood floors and other furnishings.

If your hardwood floor is warping or shrinking, it may not be the hardwood installer’s fault! It could be, but it could also be a humidity issue within the house.

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