Quartz Composite Design Options CAMBRIA

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Quartz countertops are one of the more popular options for Atlantan modern homes. The CAMBRIA showroom in Buckhead was kind enough to give us a tour at an event and go over some of the design options for your home.

Visit their site to set up an appointment- https://www.cambriausa.com/galleries/atlanta-buckhead/#!/

Special thanks to David Leonard and Tessa Jones for the wonderful tour and for sharing their knowledge with us.

00:00 Welcome to the CAMBRIA Showroom in Atlanta, Georgia
00:51 Inverness Bronze installation with mitered edge and waterfall
01:44 CAMBRIA is non-porous and food prep safe
02:26 CAMBRIA Skara Brae installation with floating sink
03:07 Pattern goes deeper than the surface
03:50 Quartz composite is more durable than natural stone
05:11 Mitered Edge can make the top look thicker
06:10 CAMBRIA comes in 4 different textures
07:14 Showroom has large format slabs on display
07:43 CAMBRIA can be used on stairs
08:22 How CAMBRIA is made
09:48 CAMBRIA is Eco-friendly
11:02 How to clean CAMBRIA
11:35 Come visit the Buckhead showroom

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