Sensor and Controls for Your House Ventilation ft. Corbett Lunsford

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THE FUTURE IS HERE- or very close when it comes to the perfect ventilation system. Finally, manufacturers are coming up with sensors, programming, and controls that allow the systems to adjust for more than just temperature. If you don’t have sensors that are monitoring the air quality, then you DON’T have a SMART HOUSE.

This video is a reaction to an interview by Corbett Lunsford.

We were doing an experiment on one of our projects with Corbett, and I asked him if we could feature some of his content on our channel. He has been attending lots of conferences recently that we have not been able to get to, and I wanted to share some of his findings with our audience.

I just reacted to part of his video; however, I recommend you watch the full video to see some of the other interviews-

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