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Richard Lohrey, Marketing Director at Sensor industries took the time to introduce the company’s toilet and flood sensors and monitoring systems. Did you know that toilers are the primary water waste culprits in multi-family and commercial buildings? As Richard says, “Toilets leak more than you think!” One leaky toilet can lean 200-250 gallons per day, but an open flapper can waste up to 5,000 gallons per day! Multiply that waste times the number of toilets in a multifamily residential or commercial building, and the numbers grow large quickly. Indeed, toilet water waste averages 54% in a multifamily building, 58% in student housing, and 52% in hospitality. And the average catastrophic flood claim costs $40,000 to $60,000. High-rise water damage events can even cause up to $1 million in damage.

Richard asks a good question – why do leaks seem to always start on a Friday when everyone has just left? The thing is, even when occupants are in a building, they often don’t report leaks, and might not even know of a leak. This is where monitoring comes in, as the system can sense the leak, and even generate a work order. Sensor Industries provides dashboards by stakeholder type for owners, managers and maintenance teams. In this way, everyone can receive and monitor critical information as well as measure team performance.

As Matt reminds us from his own experience, leaks are more than wasteful and inconvenient. Leaking water can lead to mold and health issues.

Richard walks us through Sensor Industries’ equipment as well as some helpful case studies, one of which had a 5 month ROI. One starts to wonder – who wouldn’t want to save water and energy and money’?!

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