Continuous Fresh Air for Your Home- Panasonic ERV Model FV-04VE1 and FV-10VEC1 demonstration

With building envelopes increasingly getting tighter to meet the energy codes, fresh air strategies are even more important. The new mantra is to “Build Tight, Ventilate Right” and one of the most common ways to ventilate is with a balanced ventilation strategy. Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) are a good way to get the bad air while bringing fresh air into indoor environment without an energy penalty.

Matt Hoots with SawHorse interviews Ken Nelson with Panasonic Eco Solutions at the 2020 IBS and KBIS in Las Vegas. Ken describes how an ERV works and the difference between the spot ERV- FV-04VE1 and the FV-10VEC1 which is designed for larger areas. For more information visit

Here is a link to the FV-04VE1

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