Insulation that Resists FIRE, WATER & AIR || ROCKWOOL Insulation


As energy codes demand that we make buildings more energy-efficient, we have to find new and innovative ways to make this a reality. One way that builders are able to help maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor environment is with better insulation and air sealing.

On the #1920sMakeoverATL we are using ROCKWOOL insulation on the outside of the sheathing, under the metal roofing, and under the concrete slab to create a nearly continuous layer of insulation around the house. The amount of HVAC that will be needed is less than 1/5 what the current house needs. This is because we are super-insulation and air sealing the house beyond what the energy code is requiring.

Builder, Matt Hoots, chats with Chris Caporuscio with ROCKWOOL at the job site to discuss the benefits of the current design.

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