Whole House Energy Recovery Ventilators Explained by Panasonic

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As humans, we need clean, fresh air to live. Keeping indoor air healthy is a challenge given that we bring in pollutants through mechanical and even natural ventilation, and because even as we breathe and through our regular activities, we use up the oxygen in our space and generate additional pollutants as well.

How we bring clean air into our homes and buildings, and how we maintain this air, is especially important given a range of issues brought to the forefront recently, including wildfires and other pollution, and of course the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, we’re spending even more time indoors and at home in particular, and good indoor air quality is essential to our health as well as for maintaining our furnishings.

An ERV is part of a complex HVAC system that manages air temperature, humidity and particulates in our built environment. An ERV is energy-efficient ventilation equipment that brings fresh air into the home while exhausting some of that “bad” or stale air out, in equal measure.

We’d like to thank Ken Nelson at Panasonic for his terrific explanation of how ERVs work and for introducing us to the features and benefits of the Intelli-Balance 200 as well. Have you been wondering what an ERV is and how it really works, as in, how exactly the water vapor moves around in that enthalpic (or magic) core?

Ken explains how this magic works and why this balanced design is the preferred fresh air ventilation method with indoor air quality experts.

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