Radon is a problem in Atlanta Homes

by | Oct 31, 2012 | Indoor Air Quality | 0 comments

So what’s scarier than ghosts and goblins on Halloween? Radon in your Atlanta house since, like ghosts, you cannot see or smell it. Most indoor air pollutants, such as mold and toxic chemicals, are easily detected with your nose. Radon is an odorless gas; therefore, you have to test for it.

Even scarier, it is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the US. Atlanta has some of Radon’s highest rates in the region. The good news is that there is a solution to fix the problem if your house tests at high levels.

Radon Testing and Mitigation

The first step is to get your house tested. There are some DIY kits available. If you suspect Radon is in your house, then a long-term test by a professional is recommended.

If you are building a new house in Atlanta, plan for Radon vents during construction. They are much cheaper than a retrofit later. All the new houses we have built in the last few years have installed passive Radon vents. They start at the slab, and the vent goes to the house’s roof.

Radon causes lung cancer and like avoiding cigarette smoke, avoiding Radon is possible as well. Testing, then developing a plan to mitigate it is all you need to do.

Other Radon mitigation ideas

There are specific designs for getting rid of higher levels of Radon through underground and roof vents. What about the Radon or other toxins in your air? Good mechanical ventilation can solve this. Devices such as Energy Recovery Ventilators can remove “bad air” while bringing in “fresh air.”






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